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Our Story

Do you want to know a secret? What motivated us to get involved in the supplement industry 15-years ago was the CRAZY HIGH margins -- think manufacturing cost $10-13 (or less) with stores selling these items for $35-$55 -- all day (up to 80% margins).

We participated.

Unfortunately we participated in the industry -- thinking, "well, that's just the way it's done and we'll go along with it."

But as time went on we became disenfranchised with the entire bloated industry. It was and still is a marketing machine driving customers to unnecessarily purchase product and even more – at an over-inflated price to line their pocket books at the expense of the unknowing. And since there is money to be made (i.e., a billion-dollar industry) many players have a hand out saying pay me! – think trainers and coaches with product recommendations, gyms and health clubs, bloggers, sales staff and of course, nutrition stores.

The above practices do little to help someone truly looking for self-improvement and just continue to promote an industry that takes money from the unsuspecting.


▶️ A great, unbiased resource for non-industry insiders.

▶️ With a subscription, Examine goes deep into the (1) potential benefits of a product and (2) what dose should be administered. It takes away the hype from misleading marketing and endorsements.

▶️ Finally, we're not writing this to say that supplements can’t potentially benefit someone who is regularly training and following a sound nutrition program. On the contrary – the evidence does support supplements can improve recovery, muscle protein synthesis, and health in general.

But to peddle $20-30 more for the same thing or worse yet, an inferior product because of misleading marketing from a multi-angle (e.g., trainer, coach, advert, blogger, gym, supplement store, etc.) is sad, temporary, and only continues to hurt an industry that can actually benefit users.