Affiliate FAQ

The goal of a Tier Operator is to spread the word about the LFT Clothing Company. As you do this, and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. We track all of the sales that you bring in. The more sales you can generate the more rewards receive!

How many sales you have credit for will determine what Tier you are in.

Tier 4: 0-9 orders per month

Tier 3: 10-49 orders per month

Tier 2: 50-149 orders per month

Tier 1: 150+ orders per month

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for approval.

See the Tier breakdown here >>

There are several ways to get credit for a sale:
1. The customer uses your unique T30 discount code when they purchase!
2. The customer clicks on your Tracking Link to navigate to the LFT Clothing Co website for a purchase. Link connection has 30-day duration.
3. When making a purchase the customer types your name into the box labeled “What Tier Operator Referred You? (Leave Blank if none)”
4. The customer’s email is connected to your profile after they have made their first purchase. Email connection has 30-day duration.

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Yes you can. The Tier Operator discount codes for 30% are great. But there are times that we have a deal active that may be better than the discount code you can offer, so reminding customers to click on your tracking link to navigate to the site is one of the best methods for connecting their order to you. When a customer clicks on your tracking link it will connect them to you for 30 days. Any purchases made during that time will connect to you automatically!
You can find your tracking link at the top of your profile page when you login to your Tier Operator Affiliate account.

We use a program called Affiliatly to track your progress as a Tier Operator. When you are logged in to your Tier Operator Affiliatly Profile you will be able to see your tracking link and discount code that you should share. You will also see the record of sales that have been connected to your account, and any commission you have earned. I suggest that you BOOKMARK or SAVE the link in your browser on your laptop or phone!

When you’ve reached the next Tier, you will be notified via an automated email sent by Affiliatly!

When you are logged in to your Tier Operator Affiliatly Profile page you will see “Total Referred Sales” Match this with the Tier Rank structure to determine which Tier you are currently in.

When a customer completes their purchase you should see the new sale show up on your Tier Operator Affiliatly account right away if the customer used one of the available connection methods:
• Using your T30 discount code.
• Navigating to the site via your Tracking Link.
• Selecting your name in the Referral Box on the Cart page.

Yes! We encourage the returning customer. Any one person can use your code as many times as they’d like.

Your total sales will continue, there is no “starting over”. But you must meet the required minimum in sales each month in order to be able to receive the Monthly Fulfillment Reward.

Please reach out to our Customer Support team here >>

If we share advanced information with the Tier Operators about an upcoming deal, promo, or event do not post until LFT Clothing Co. has made an official public announcement.

Do not post racial content, excessive foul language, verbal attacks toward other brands/affiliates/persons, nudity, criminal activity, anything that may you have to question if you should you probably shouldn’t. Remember you are representing the Brand and in that you should be as professional and responsible as possible.

You can promote your posts on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. But anonymous advertisements on search engines and coupon sites are not allowed.

No. The goal of the Tier Operator Program is to spread the word about the LFT Clothing Co to others! Your own sales do not count towards your overall sales totals.

Yes! We want you to help us spread the word about the LFT Clothing Co. Feel free to post about LFT Clothing Co products and apparel. 

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